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Lars is the sales and consultancy manager. He is also co-founder of ProCori.

He is a man that likes to have fun in life and lives with his family, consisting of his wife, 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren (all girls!), in Gothenburg.

Lars likes golf, cooking, motorcycles, travelling and furniture carpentry. Every week he makes wooden furniture or other wooden stuff that he either use himself or gives it to someone who needs it better than him.

As a 30+ years veteran in the IT industry his roles have varied from a programming, project manager, sales executive but in resent year as a sales/consultancy manager with focus on team building. He strongly believes in that the team is what makes things happen. He is highly customer focused and loves the interaction between people. Lars has a long term strategy thinking behind his day to day work and is passionate about customers and employees.

Did you know: Lars was the local trial champion back in the mid 70´s