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Thomas is a leader and a service management expert.

He lives close to nature in Stockholms inner archipelago with his wife and two cats.

Thomas approaches life as a ”builder”, embracing relationships, his house and hobbies with his favorite toolset for success. His favorite spare time is spent together with his wife, traveling and, looking for new places to kayak, rock climb, experience live jazz and fine dine or just roam through nature in search for peace and quiet.

Thomas has been active in the service management playground for twenty years, as a process developer, solution architect, ITIL-expert and trainer. Business supporting tools have always been present as well as the importance of great leadership.

Continual improvement is a core part of Thomas, both professionally and private, driving him towards new peaks in life. The last couple of years Thomas has developed his leadership skills and combining this with his service management toolbox, being part of management teams, developing organizations resources and capabilities.

Bet you didn’t know that Thomas had his own ambulating night club and worked as a DJ in the early nineties.